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50+ Lifestyle Cleanse 


50+ Lifestyle Cleanse: Freeing Your Life from Clutter

In the course of our lives, most of us amass a large collection of possessions. Some are well used while others are relegated permanently to the basement, attic or garage on the off chance we might need them again. Many are temporarily stored in cabinets, closets and drawers cluttering up our living and workspaces.

Clutter is often the bane of many households. It can affect how we feel about our homes and create stress and frustration in our lives. It can overwhelm our senses with excessive stimuli and distract us from the tasks at hand. It constantly reminds us of unfinished things still yet to do and can make it more difficult to relax both physically and mentally. Clutter also keeps us in a perpetual state of flux because we can never be certain of the time and effort needed to clear up the mess or get to the bottom of the pile. It can also make us feel guilty or embarrassed in our homes and offices when others unexpectedly drop by. Lastly, it can be a hindrance, preventing us from finding things quickly when we need them most.

The Benefits of the 50+ Lifestyle Cleanse…
Shedding our possessions as we get older is an approach to minimalism that can make life simpler and more enjoyable. As empty nesters and retirees, we need less as we age. Pairing down sooner than later can not only provide freedom from clutter but also allow us the flexibility to downsize, move or re-locate more quickly. It can also relieve our loved ones of having to clear out the clutter on our behalf when we are no longer able or around to do so.

How to de-clutter with ease…
Step 1: Develop a minimalist mindset. Minimalism is based on the idea that happiness doesn’t come from stuff, but rather from relationships and experiences. Simplify your life by buying and replacing only those items you need and use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Try something new only if you are willing to discard what you don’t like, won’t use or can’t return.



Step 2: Start the cleanse gradually: To avoid feeling overwhelmed and to prevent procrastination, start with a small area to cleanse each week such as a closet, dresser drawer or cabinet. Remove anything that doesn’t have sentimental value, you haven’t used in the last five years, you don’t like or that doesn’t work. In making a decision on what to keep or get rid of, ask yourself whether the item is easily or inexpensively replaceable and whether you will use it in the coming year. Next, make the decision on whether to keep, sell, donate or give the item to family or friends. Finally, take action quickly to distribute or discard the items. Don’t move on to the next area until you’ve dealt with the items at hand. 

Step 3: Make it a permanent form of organization for everyday life. Once you’ve developed the mindset of minimal living, develop a regular “cleansing routine” and make it a way of life. This helps prevent the chaos of clutter from recurring. With less chaos surrounding us, there’s less chaos inside of us leading to a more simplified and enjoyable life.