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Exciting Travel for Boomers & Seniors

Motorcoach touring is another popular choice for worry free travel. Sue Leclair from Shoreline Tours in Leamington, whose company serves the Windsor/Essex and Chatham areas, says Boomers and Seniors like the convenience and safety that motorcoach tours provide. “Everything is taken care of from start to finish. People like the group experience of escorted tours” she says.  “They can sit back and relax without the worry of confirming hotels, restaurants, getting your luggage up to your room or getting to the train station or airport.” It eliminates the hassle of wondering what to do each day, what hotels to book and what sights to see. You also get the benefit and expertise of an experienced tour director and local guides who are well-versed on the area’s culture, customs and attractions. She says the most popular excursions her company offers are to New York City and Quebec City.

Both Ruth and Sue stress the need to book your trip as early as possible. “You’re more apt to get the best stateroom location, dinner seating and be in line for any upgrades” says Ruth. “You’ll also avoid the disappointment that comes with finding out that your tour was cancelled because not enough people signed up in time” says Sue.  They also emphasize the importance of getting travel insurance. Nothing is worse than finding yourself in a situation where you’ve fallen or run out of medication and not know whether you’re covered. Plan ahead and get properly insured so you can enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind knowing you’re adequately covered if something unexpected happens.

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50+ Travel Trends

Today’s 50+ set views travel as a necessity in creating a well-balanced life. They are placing greater emphasis on travel for adventure, reinvention and discovery. With more time, money and freedom,   Boomers and Seniors are emerging as the largest pleasure-travel market spending more than $35-billion annually with 2.3 million trips planned between now and 2021.

Some popular travel choices include vacation rentals, all-inclusive resorts, cruises and motorcoach tours that cater to groups and families. Today’s travel trends for those 50 and over reflect a growing desire for authentic experiences that allow them to do something they’ve never done before,  find out about their past, educate themselves, rekindle relationships and create unique and memorable experiences.

Boomers and seniors love to travel abroad with Europe and the Caribbean as key destinations. Cruising is still a favourite travel option and a top choice among new cruisers. Ruth Waltman from Expedia CruiseShipCenters at 3020 Dougall Ave. in Windsor highlights the growing trend of River and Canal Cruising on smaller ships with fewer than 200 passengers.

Options are many with something to fit almost every itinerary and interest. Travellers can make their way through the canals and rivers of Europe, the Amazon, the Nile, China, Vietnam or Russia. They can view the action on shore from the safety of their ship and roam past the vineyards and chateaus cruising through locks and channels or take walks in the inner city and experience the local flair.

“Cruising offers the safe and comfortable surroundings of home without the hassle of packing and unpacking every day or two plus you know everything is clean” says Ruth. “Meals are included with lots of choices and options to meet your dietary needs”. 

Depending on the itinerary, cruises can offer visits to many ports of calls plus they often appeal to specific interests or topics such as wine tasting or a particular genre of music or entertainment and cater to groups, singles, couples and families.